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5 of Our Favorite Anti-Theft Bags for Traveling

By Julia Hammond
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No one wants their vacation ruined by theft — so it’s understandable that many travelers will seek to reduce the risk of it happening while on the move. There’s something to be said for the peace of mind that can come from choosing luggage that makes it more of a challenge to steal valuables and vital documents. Though these bags can be on the pricey side, if you travel often, they may be worth the investment. Indeed, more travelers are choosing anti-theft bags than ever before. Interested in joining them? Here are the key features to consider and our picks for the best anti-theft bags for traveling with peace of mind.

Anti-Theft Bag Features to Consider

Couple with luggage outside of airport
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Thieves can use a range of different techniques to steal your possessions. Though it might be obvious, it’s worth reiterating that an open bag is the easiest target. Choosing one that can be securely closed, such as with a heavy duty, lockable zip, is a smart first step. Crossbody bags can help avoid thefts caused by distraction scams or drive-by snatches. You should also consider luggage that features extra durable fabric and a hidden lightweight steel mesh (these are typically marketed as anti-theft bags). Finally, look for a bag with plenty of internal pockets so you will know where everything is, and you won’t need to leave the bag open for long to rummage around.

Pacsafe Citysafe Square Crossbody

Person walking with bicycle and wearing crossbody bag
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Now that you know what to look for, we’ll share few of our favorite pieces of anti-theft luggage for traveling. First up is Pacsafe, one of the industry-leading brands for anti-theft bags, from fanny packs to backpacks. This crossbody bag is ideal for travelers who are sightseeing in busy cities and other crowded places. Available in three colors, it has a number of anti-theft features, including an embedded mesh that prevents the material being cut, interlocking zippers that attach securely to an in-built bar, and a reinforced shoulder strap that’s long enough to be worn across the body. With plenty of pockets for essentials such as wallets and cell phones, it’s a good choice for day use.

Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Bag

Traveler wearing backpack and rolling luggage on airport moving walkway
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This roomy anti-theft bag from Travelon, which comes in several colors, is both stylish and practical. Two easy-to-access external pockets can be locked for security, while the slash-resistant body and straps offer peace of mind. The fabric is water and dirt-resistant, making this bag an attractive option while exploring in all types of terrain. Its padded sleeve is large enough for a 10-inch tablet, and there’s a tethered key clip with LED light. This bag also features expandable pockets that can accommodate bulky items such as a water bottle or collapsible umbrella.

Wander Plus Anti Theft Slim Sling Bag

Smiling traveler wearing crossbody bag
Credit: visualspace/ E+ via Getty Images 

Those who like to travel light will appreciate this slimline anti-theft bag from Wander Plus, which is surprisingly spacious yet fits close to the body. The sling-style design means it fits under a jacket or hoodie, while the adjustable straps ensure a snug fit. The invisible zipper makes it tricky for potential thieves to access its contents, and there are multiple places to store items, including a secure internal pocket. Plus, it’s a good budget-friendly option.

WENIG Anti-Theft Travel Laptop Backpack

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If you’re looking for an affordable anti-theft backpack with lots of capacity, then this laptop backpack from WENIG is hard to beat. Multiple pockets and compartments help keep your things organized, while the bag’s in-built USB charging port and charging cable can be combined with your own power bank to ensure you stay connected. Lockable zippers and a hidden inside pocket give you the confidence to carry your valuables inside. The water-resistant fabric helps also keep your belongings dry in showery weather, while the padded shoulder straps are comfortable on the go.

Arden Cove Victoria Tote

Travelers with luggage at airport
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The Arden Cove Victoria Tote is an expensive option, but if you’re looking for an anti-theft bag that is as beautiful as it is functional, you may consider this worth the investment. This weekend-ready tote is made of microfiber faux leather that is hard to scratch, scuff, or stain. It’s lined with slash-proof fabric and is fully customizable — just switch out the straps to turn it into a backpack or a messenger bag using the bag’s handy D-rings. The large compartment will accommodate a laptop, while an internal water bottle loop keeps bottles upright, reducing the risk of spillages.

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