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These Are the Best Waterproof Sneakers for Travel

By Daily Passport Team
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For some trips, packing heavy rain or snow boats is a necessary evil — after all, if you’ll be spending your time hiking on snow-capped mountains, you’ll need something to keep your feet dry. But squishing a giant pair of boots into carry-on or checked luggage at the expense of other travel necessities isn’t ideal — particularly for a city getaway. Fortunately, there’s a hybrid solution: waterproof sneakers. While not a complete replacement for weatherproof boots, they’re easier to pack and comfortable enough to spend the day walking in. To see which ones are suited for different types of trips, we tried out a few — these are three of our favorite waterproof sneakers for traveling. 

Best Waterproof Sneakers for Every Day: Allbirds Mizzles

Person wearing sneakers on muddy walking trail, seen from behind
Credit: vidoc Olga/ Shutterstock 

Many travelers swear by Allbirds, a comfortable, lightweight shoe that’s machine washable and made with sustainable materials. Like Allbirds’ original Wool Runners, the Wool Runner Mizzles feature merino wool uppers for added warmth and comfort, along with sugarcane midsoles that have a carbon-negative footprint. The main difference is that these sneakers are treated with a fluorine-free water repellent coating to keep your feet warm and dry if you step in a puddle. 

They’re more comfortable than rain boots, especially if you’re walking long distances when traveling for example, but they’ll still keep your feet dry if the heavens open up and you’re caught in a storm. So, when you’re out exploring a new city and not sure if the weather is going to take a turn, wearing Mizzles is a good compromise. 

Best Waterproof Sneakers for Adventure: Forsake Range Low

Person hiking with sneakers
Credit: Zachary Miller/ Image Source via Getty Images 

Forsake has a reputation for making footwear that’s ideal for hiking or exploring rugged terrain, but the brand’s Range Low line takes it to the next level. The sneaker-boot hybrid features a waterproof, breathable membrane around the shoe with a mega-grip outsole to prevent you from slipping. The nubuck leather upper also offers an added layer of protection against the elements. 

The Range Low sneakers are not quite as warm as the Allbirds (they’re actually fitted with micro-mesh to keep you cool), but they should offer the same weatherproof protection as a pair of snow boots. Walking into snow or trudging through ice, your feet should remain completely dry (if it’s below ankle level), and the grippiness of the soles should help prevent falls. If you’re looking for a pair of waterproof shoes that are both comfortable and will hold their own against extreme weather that often accompanies adventure-based travel, these are it.

Best Waterproof Sneakers for Function and Style: Vessi Weekends

Person wearing sneakers rolling suitcase
Credit: urbazon/ E+ via Getty Images 

When traveling, it can be tricky to find shoes that are comfortable enough to walk in all day but won’t single you out as a tourist. You don’t want to go for those semicomfortable sandals that feel fine to begin with, but typically end in a mess of blisters after a long day of exploring a new city. Enter: the Vessi Weekends, which are a great mix of stylish, comfortable, and waterproof. 

Like all of the sneakers Vessi makes, the Weekends feature a custom waterproof knitted upper that keeps your feet dry. Instead of adding a coating to the shoe after it’s made, the material itself is actually waterproof. The knitted material is also extremely light and breathable. Plus, they don’t look like traditional running shoes, which many sneakers do — making them a lot more travel-friendly if you want to look casually well dressed in a new locale. 

However, since they are light, they don’t keep your feet quite as warm as some of the other options on this list. That said, if you do get caught in a downpour with your Weekends on, you won’t have to deal with damp socks, and a quick toss in the washing machine will make sure they look like new again.

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