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7 Hotel Amenities You Didn’t Know to Ask For

By Marissa Kozma
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If you stay in hotels frequently, you probably know what to expect in your room the moment you check in — a mini-fridge, complimentary toiletries, and perhaps an ice machine down the hall. However, there’s a good chance your hotel provides other amenities you didn’t even know to ask about. These small luxuries and secret perks might make your stay even more comfortable or help you save money as you explore your destination. Discover seven common hotel amenities you might not be taking advantage of.

Bike Rentals

Rack of bikes in front of hotel
Credit: LauGSmith/ Shutterstock

Accommodations in bike-friendly cities such as Boise or Amsterdam are likely to offer complimentary or heavily discounted bike rentals to encourage guests to alleviate their carbon footprints. Many guests overlook this perk if they plan on renting a car, but it will greatly reduce the cost of your trip if you don’t have to pay for a car rental or parking. Particularly at hotels in urban areas, bike rentals are becoming more and more popular, so be sure to inquire and reserve in advance if you plan to try it out. 

Complimentary Beverages

Carafes of coffee and stacks of coffee cups in hotel restaurant
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Complimentary breakfast isn’t usually guaranteed, but oftentimes, your overnight hotel stay will certainly be accompanied by free coffee or tea. If there isn’t a coffee maker or espresso machine in your room, ask the concierge upon check-in if there are any complimentary beverage services available. Often, hotels will provide fresh-brewed coffee in the lobby each morning. Other times, hotel bars and restaurants offer exclusive happy hour deals or drink discounts to guests. In particular, Kimpton Hotels are known for hosting free wine hours for guests each evening. 

Amenity Kits

Contents of hotel amenity kit laid out on table
Credit: Dontree_M/ Shutterstock

The little things go a long way, especially if you’ve left something at home. Oftentimes, front desk staff will be happy to provide complimentary items such as ear plugs, a sleep mask, a toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, lotion, and even socks free of charge. 

Pillow Menus

Stack of pillows and duvet cover on hotel bed
Credit: New Africa/ Shutterstock

There’s nothing worse than not sleeping well on vacation. Some people will get stiff necks from an overly fluffy pillow, while some people will find it hard to sleep without one. Whether you’re a stomach, side, or back sleeper, there’s an ideal pillow for you. Fortunately, many hotels — particularly luxury hotels — are now offering a “pillow menu” to ensure you get the best rest. Guests can choose from a range of pillows, including feather or down pillows and memory foam pillows.

Laundry Service

Person using washing machine
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If you have an unfortunate spill or have been on the road for a while and need to wash the essentials, you can often utilize laundry services right at your hotel. For a small fee, guests can often send out clothing for the hotel staff to clean, or they can use the property’s washers and dryers themselves to ensure they stay feeling fresh.

Access to Streaming Platforms

Close-up image of TV remote on hotel bed
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Forget flipping the channels on cable — many hotels now offer smart TVs with access to popular streaming platforms. Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video may be available to access using your own personal login, or the property may have its own guest account. Just don’t forget to log out of your profile when you check out. 

Shuttles and Rideshare Offers

Hotel shuttle driver placing passenger's bag in trunk
Credit: Minerva Studio/ Shutterstock

Need a ride to and from the airport? Don’t forget to check with your hotel before you reserve a rideshare or try to figure out public transportation. Many properties offer complimentary shuttle service so that their guests can easily travel with luggage to and from their accommodation. Some properties may not advertise this service, but it’s always best to ask — especially if your hotel is close to an airport. Some large hotel groups, including Marriott, have also partnered with ridesharing services so that members of their loyalty program can earn bonus points on rides.

Featured image credit: Credit: Boyloso/ Shutterstock

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