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9 Essential Items To Stay Cozy on a Long Flight

By Marissa Kozma
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Preparing for a flight requires careful consideration — especially if your journey is longer than a couple of hours. Staying comfortable on an airplane is a lot easier when you have the essentials, and seasoned travelers know when to splurge for the sake of being cozy. So, keep the heels and leather jacket in your checked bag and instead bring these nine items frequent flyers swear by. 

Allbirds Wool Runners

Person resting sneakers on suitcase
Credit: interstid/ iStock via Getty Images 

New Zealand native Tim Brown founded ultra-comfortable footwear brand Allbirds after he noticed a lack of shoes made from sustainable, soft Merino wool — a textile commonly worn in his home country thanks to its large population of sheep. The high-performance fleece is what makes each pair of Allbirds extra-lightweight and perfect for wearing on the plane and around your destination. Allbirds Wool Runners come in soft neutral colors to match any outfit, have water-repellent coating for all-weather wear, and are even machine washable. 

Bombas Knee-High Compression Socks

Passenger walking down airplane aisle
Credit: Milko/ E+ via Getty Images 

Keep your feet cozy and support this sock brand’s mission to fight homelessness when you purchase a pair of Bombas socks. The company has donated more than 100 million pairs of its socks and other items to more than 3,500 shelters and community organizations. A pair of knee-high compression socks will keep blood circulating throughout your legs on a long flight and prevent your feet from falling asleep. Plus, they’re extra-soft. 

Cluci Weekender Travel Bag

Traveler at airport with tote bag
Credit: jacoblund/ iStock via Getty Images 

Made of high-quality, lightweight, and soft canvas material, the Cluci Weekender Travel Bag is the ideal carry-on. It can be used as a handbag or crossbody bag, with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap that won’t leave red shoulder marks. With numerous compartments for your laptop, shoes, and toiletries, this bag will ensure you stay comfortably organized when you take to the skies. 

SCOTTeVEST Glow Hoodie

Airplane passenger in hoodie looking out window
Credit: Thomas Barwick/ DigitalVision via Getty Images 

Airplane cabins can get notoriously cold (there’s a reason for that), but you can stay warm on your flight with the super-soft SCOTTeVEST Glow Hoodie. It features more than 15 concealed pockets for your cellphone, passport, and other items you need within reach. This lightweight utility hoodie also comes with a two-year warranty. 

Anrabess Sweater Lounge Set

Traveler at airport wearing sweatpants and looking at cellphone
Credit: Andrey Bezuglov / 500px/ 500Px Plus via Getty Images 

Wearing sweatpants on a flight doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style. Anrabess offers a variety of two-piece sweater sets that boast a comfy-chic aesthetic. With a slouchy, relaxed fit and knit detailing, each cozy outfit is made for both staying comfortable during your journey and heading out on the town as soon as you arrive at your destination. 

Project Cloud Fashion Flat Sandals

Traveler packing sandals into suitcase
Credit: Olga Rolenko/ Moment via Getty Images 

With memory foam insoles, leather straps, and nonslip cork soles, the Project Cloud Fashion Flat Sandals are a great accessory for comfortable walking in warmer climates. They are also ideal for when you want to stay fashionable on a long flight. A modest heel height makes it easy to navigate the terminal before you board, and they’re light enough to pack in your carry-on.

Bucky Blanket Scarf

Traveler at airport wearing coat and scarf
Credit: Volodymyr Kalyniuk/ iStock via Getty Images 

Nothing beats a dual-purpose item when you’re running out of space in your carry-on. Wear the Bucky Blanket Scarf onboard to stay cozy (and fashionable) and use it later as a blanket when it’s time to rest. The super-soft, machine-washable scarf can be used as a blanket or shawl for extra warmth, and it comes with a convenient lightweight foldable pouch for easy carrying. 

Clever Travel Companion Tank Top

Passenger wearing tank top and holding coffee cup on airplane
Credit: BongkarnThanyakij/ iStock via Getty Images 

This versatile tank top comes in a variety of colors and features anti-pickpocket compartments to store items safely. Soft to the touch, the Clever Travel Companion Tank Top is made of cotton-blend fabric and makes layering onboard easy. 

Drowsy Sleep Mask

Passengers sleeping on airplane
Credit: Hispanolistic/ E+ via Getty Images

With bright cabin lights and entertainment screens, packing a sleep mask is a must if you plan to get some shuteye midflight. The Silk Sleep Mask by Drowsy Sleep Co. is made of mulberry silk and comes in 16 colors, with triple-layered padding for maximum breathability. The mask is adjustable to fit all head sizes and blocks light so you can get better rest onboard.

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