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5 Items You Should Always Bring to a Hotel Room

By Bennett Kleinman
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The average hotel room contains the same old gadgets we’ve all seen before — an alarm clock from the 1990s, a remote control that only sort of works, and a hair dryer that blows way too hot. But there are plenty of other useful items you can (and should) bring to elevate a hotel stay. These nifty products include easy-to-install safety mechanisms, tools to keep your room clean, and other convenient items that promise to make time on the road much easier. Check out these five handy gadgets for your next trip.

Portable Lock

Traveler entering hotel room with luggage
Credit: Boy_Anupong/ Moment via Getty Images

Not every hotel door locks automatically when you close it, but even those that do are still at risk of being jimmied open. The Addalock can help you sleep soundly by keeping that door firmly shut and providing much-needed peace of mind in your hotel room. To install this device, insert the metal “claws” into the strike of the door and then close the door to hold the Addalock in place. Then, grab the dangling red handle and insert the moving metal rod into the portion already attached to the door. Once installed, the door will be securely locked from the inside without any way to open it from the hallway, even for people with a key.

Virtual Private Network

Person at desk using cellphone and laptop computer
Credit: Anchiy/ E+ via Getty Images

Many hotel Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to cyber attacks, which puts your personal data at risk. This includes your name, credit card information, passwords, and other sensitive information. To protect against these potential attacks, it’s worth using a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs encrypt sensitive information on your computer so that it can’t be accessed by hackers. Plus, they are easy to install. Just go to your device’s network settings, search for the specific VPN you want to use, enter a username and password, and hit “connect.” Some of the most popular VPN services include NordVPN and Private Internet Access.

Travel Adapter

Person plugging in cellphone to charge
Credit: Pheelings Media/ iStock via Getty Images 

Travel adapters are especially useful when staying in a hotel abroad, as they’re compatible with a wide range of unfamiliar outlet shapes. But this device is also great for domestic travel, just in case you need a USB-C outlet or another connection the hotel may not have. For instance, this adapter from Newvanga works in over 150 countries and includes USB and USB-C slots, in addition to a slot for more traditional power plugs. You can also plug in multiple devices and charge your computer, smartphone, and tablet all at once.

Personal Toiletry Holders

Travel-size bottles labeled shampoo, body gel, and body lotion
Credit: onsuda/ iStock via Getty Images 

Complimentary hotel toiletries can be hit-or-miss, and you may wish that you had the personal care products you use at home. Thanks to LiquiSnugs, you can. These tiny silicone bottles are easy to fill with any shampoo, conditioner, soap, or other squeezable toiletry. This allows you to bring a small portion of your preferred shampoo with you on the road rather than lug around the whole bottle. LiquiSnugs are also TSA-approved and are designed to prevent any leaking in your luggage. Plus, they aren’t just for personal care items — you can also fill them with your favorite condiment to spice up that room service order.

UV Light Sanitizer

Person using UV light sanitizer on cellphone
Credit: cameraguy/ iStock via Getty Images 

Door handles, telephone buttons, and the remote control are some of the most germ-covered areas of any hotel room. This portable UV light from LivePure helps clean these touch points by killing 99.9% of invisible germs and bacteria. The light easily fits into any bag or purse so you can take it with you on your next trip. It’s also great to bring when you leave the hotel and use public transportation, go out to dinner at a crowded restaurant, or stop off anywhere else that you may be concerned about germs.

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